The history of Don Bernardino goes back to the passion for a noble product of first quality.

A traditional production that emerges in Murcia, at southeast of Spain, in a small family business in the same house of the Muñoz family. A know-how that is inherited, always maintaining the traditional technique, care and love in each piece.

Step by step, the company has been growing, becoming in 1990 in facilities of 3600 m² covered and 17,000 exterior m². The manufacturing process has been modernized in 2017 with the most advanced productive technology and food quality. Sucesores de Bernardino S.A is certified company in E.T.G (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) and IFS Food Standard.

This is how, through this complex process that we developed and perfected throughout our 70 years in the market, you get a piece of exquisite ham of unparalleled quality to be tasted at your table, with that ideal “point of salty”.