Sucesores de Bernardino Muñoz, S.A. is a family business that since its inception in 1947 has opted for the highest quality and food safety of its products, our priority is to offer excellence in the entire range of products “Don Bernardino” to achieve the total satisfaction of our customers.


To achieve this, we have implemented a food safety system based on the highest quality standards worldwide, involving:

√ Control and homologation of suppliers under the IFS food safety standard.

√ Comprehensive quality control and safety of our raw materials.

√ 100% natural products, free of genetically modified organisms.

√ Careful production under strict monitoring and continuous improvement systems.

√ Modern computer systems for process control and traceability.

√ Demanding Food Defense system.

The gourmet brand “Don Bernardino” honors and mentions Bernardino Muñoz, founder of the company and creator of an exquisite know-how towards a noble product of first quality nutritive and sensorial, today present in the range of hams, shoulders and loins of the company.

The team that makes up this company, continues to work every day to exceed the standards of quality, safety and food hygiene as well as their processes, facilities and products.

Dept. of Quality and Food Safety.