ETG Ham: Traditional Specialty Guaranteed


What does ETG mean?

ETG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) is a regime that certifies the quality methods that were used in the preparation of ham and the traditional recipes used for it. Thanks to the name “Jamón Serrano” and the mention “Guaranteed Traditional Specialty”, it is very easy to identify and differentiate those hams that have maintained a certain production process, reaching optimum levels of quality.

The project of request of the ETG of the Jamón Serrano originated in response to the desire of the entrepreneurs of the sector to protect, typify and improve the image of the Serrano Ham. The objective is to help producers to market their products and to inform consumers in a simple way the attributes of their recipes and traditional products that give them added value.

Through the registration of the Serrano Ham as ETG has sought to respond to a number of fundamental needs of the sector, among which are:

  • Protect the name “Serrano Ham”.
  • Valorize this denomination through its registration at community level.
  • Prestige the product through the use of a differentiating logo.
  • Transmit to the consumer that the quality of the product has been recognized and endorsed by the European Union.
  • Have an effective and impartial control that prevents unfair competition.
  • Take the initiative before others can get ahead.



Attributes of the ETG ham

√ External appearance

Uniform and homogeneous conformation; V-shaped or round cut (with or without leg) or boneless ham (with or without skin).

 √ Organoleptic characteristics

Color and appearance of the cut: Characteristic color from pink to purple red in the lean part and bright aspect of the fat. Homogeneous to the cut. It does not dry outwardly.

Taste and aroma: delicate flavor, not very salty and pleasant and characteristic aroma, without detecting any type of anomalous odor or taste.

Texture: homogeneous, little fibrous, without pastiness or softening.

Fat: bright, unctuous, with a white to yellowish color, aromatic and pleasant taste.

√ Physicochemical characteristics

Drying index: The maximum aqueous content on degreased product is 57%.

Salinity: The maximum salt content is 15%.


Certification, regulation and labeling

On the product label should appear the mention “Guaranteed Traditional Specialty – Serrano Ham” or the community symbol that includes it and the seal of the certification body that audits the manufacturer’s control system and the characteristics of the final product.