The applicable EU Regulation:

In Regulation (EC) 1151/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of November 21, 2012, on the quality regimes of agricultural products and foodstuffs, it is established that names describing a product or product can be registered as ETG. Specific food that:

  • Is the result of a production, transformation or composition method that corresponds to the traditional practice applicable to that product or food, or
  • Is produced with raw materials or ingredients that are traditionally used.

For the registration of a name as TSG, it must:

  • Traditionally used to refer to the specific product, or
  • Identify the traditional or specific character of the product.


On the product label should appear the mention «Guaranteed Traditional Specialty – Serrano Ham» or the community symbol that includes it and the seal of the certification body that audits the manufacturer’s control system and the characteristics of the final product.

The concession of the Traditional Specialty Guaranteed for the Serrano Ham is the recognition, not only in fact but of right, that the Serrano Ham is one of those exceptional products that Spain has contributed to the gastronomic heritage of the European Union and that for its special characteristics and its intrinsic quality has earned the best distinction and protection that Community legislation can provide, the Traditional Specialty Guaranteed.

The Serrano Ham and its proper denomination contribute effectively to clarify the ham market, becoming a guarantee of quality for the consumer and, therefore, in an added value for the products that bear it.